Raise debt or equity to support a healthy firm’s expansion

The financial markets are constantly changing. The interest that banks, credit funds, private equity funds and family offices have in a particular sector is driven by their view of that industry’s growth prospects and also by what they have in their portfolio. Markets have cycles and risk perceptions and valuations move with them.

Having the right level of resources in the right mix is essential for a company to reach its full potential. To raise the right amount and combination of capital at the best price requires a deep understanding of a company’s prospects and long-standing relationships with the sources of debt and equity both in Italy and abroad.

The CGFP partners are in constant contact with banks, credit funds, private equity funds and family offices to understand their interests and willingness to lend or invest in various sectors. This understanding is crucial in targeting a CGFP client’s fundraising. By having the fundraising focused on high potential sources the probability of success is higher, and the time and expense required is reduced.