FConsulting Group F&P – Who We Are and How We Create Value for Our Clients.
Consulting Group F&P (CGFP) is an Italian corporate finance firm that is focused on the needs of privately owned businesses.
CGFP helps individual entrepreneurs and family groups address four key issues:

  • Raise debt or equity to support a healthy company’s expansion;
  • Raise debt or equity for troubled companies;
  • Raise debt or equity to enable one group of shareholders to buy-out the others; or to
  • Sell the business to a third party.

Whilst CGFP’s  is a corporate finance firm, our clients find that an important added value lies in CGFP’s capability to assemble and manage the optimal range of resources to address the client’s specific requirements.

The CGFP Team
The CGFP partners have worked on dozens of projects valued in billions of Euros. They have been partners in private equity funds, are on the boards of family offices, and have been part of the senior management of large international companies.
CGFP’s partners have an extensive network of proven specialist advisors in Italy, Europe and the United States, in areas such as tax and legal services, due diligence and family governance. All of these relationships are on an arms-length basis, involving no sharing of fees. Thus CGFP can assemble the best team for each transaction, and manage it to deliver high-quality results quickly and efficiently.


Professional collaborations in Italy

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