Corporate rehabilitation

All of the CGFP partners have extensive experience in company restructuring. They have led assignments for global multi-nationals and for smaller firms. They understand what is possible to achieve, how long it takes and what it costs. As a result, they know what types of troubled companies can be financed, what financial structures will work and critically who are the best sources of funds.

Troubled companies need certainty and speed. They need plans and actions that will give certainty to their futures and they need rapid access to funding that will support these plans before the situation worsens. It is very easy to waste precious time on fundraising projects that aren’t properly targeted.

Because of their extensive contacts with banks, credit funds, private equity funds and family offices the CGFP partners know which ones have the appetite to support a troubled company’s restructuring. They also have the personal credibility needed to gain access to these resources, successfully lead the negotiations and get the funds needed to restructure a troubled company.